Naija Music + SOCA = What Made My Day!!

THIS SONG IS A BANGER (Urban Dictionary definition: If a Song is extremely tight or just unbelievably awesome. It is a banger!!!) IT’S THE PERFECT MIX OF NAIJA AND SOCA MUSIC….LOVE IT!!!

Doesn’t it make you want to get up and DANCE!!!!???

For the West Indians, Americans and others – Timaya is a top Nigerian artist

For the Nigerians – Machel Montano is a top Soca artist from Trinidad

This song speaks to my Caribbean roots and my newly naijafied sef (I know, I still need to work on my pidgin). It’s Perfection!

P.S. I’m gearing up for yet another “missing out on Trinidad Carnival” depression 😦 If you’ve never been, you wouldn’t understand. One day I’ll dedicate an entire post to Carnival. Stay tuned…


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