I’m in Papaya “pawpaw” Heaven

IMG00057-20130906-1653 I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted. I dey. Wukin hard o…LOL
Life in Lagos is very busy but I must tell you Nigerians love their food especially their fruits. There isn’t a day that I don’t drive down the road and see fresh oranges, pineapples and my favorite papaya (in Nigeria and Guyana we call it “pawpaw”). My dad has a number of pawpaw trees in his yard in Florida. He loves to add it to his curry dishes (yummy!) My boo’s father has a serving of fruits, including pawpaw, every night after dinner so naturally I’ve started to eat it every day as well. Back in NYC, I ate pawpaw maybe 1-2 times a week (that’s all I could afford on my business school budget #YMLMB http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZE-2GlkIS60. I would buy the organic, dried, unsulfured ones from my favorite health food store in the West Village, Life Thyme Market http://lifethymemarket.com/. It would cost me close to $4/lb. In Nigeria you can buy a huge, fresh pawpaw for 400 naira or $2.50! No organic tax here! So yes, I’m in heaven and the health benefits are amazing including loads of vitamin, A, C E and potassium. Check out the benefits for yourself… http://www.informationng.com/2012/10/7-health-benefits-of-eating-pawpaw.html


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