My first amazingly cake-less birthday in Lagos!

Every year since I can remember I’ve had a cake for my birthday. Some of my childhood favorites included Carvel ice-cream cake and the big sheet-cakes with buttercream frosting. Can’t forget mommy’s pound cake with sprinkles and ice-cream (yes, that is very Guyanese). In my young adult years I enjoyed red velvet cakes, molten chocolate cakes and strawberry shortcakes (I’m totally salivating as I write this). Last year for my 30th birthday I had the most delicious carrot cake from Tasha’s in JoBurg. 
Well 31 was a birthday full of firsts pour moi (that’s “for me” for you non french speakers…lol). This was my first birthday…
…in Lagos, Nigeria
…with my love (last year I was in SA and he was in NY)
…without a birthday cake (remember I’ve been gluten and dairy free since June)
After my love and I finished our romantic dinner at the Eko Hotel he requested a few scoops of sorbet to make up for the fact that I couldn’t have cake. The waiter came back with the sad news that they ran out of sorbet. My face went from all smiles to this…
Well no one can turn my frown upside down like my boo! Just when I thought nothing could make up for my cake-less birthday, he surprised me with a lovely serenade and piano tribute …”Happy Birthday to me!!!”.  Check out a clip of the serenade on my Facebook page …

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